Essential Oils

Essential oils are fragrant, highly concentrated, volatile extracts from plants. They are found in such varied parts of the plant as the leaves, spices, fruits, woods, roots, seeds and flowers. The flower is part of the plant's "communication," providing rich nectar, hallucinogenic colors, scents, varying textures and markings to entice specific insects to come and sample its splendors. Scent is the final step in the flower's ability to screen its callers. Each oil contains individual benefits to which the body and mind respond. Since the use of essential oils, incense and perfumes began, it has been believed that they could heal the body, alter moods, stir memories, arouse sexual desire and generally improve the quality of life. Essential oils are the concentrated essences of plants, often referred to as the soul of the plant and, at one time, were actually thought to be waste products. It has since been found that essential oils are part of the plant's own immune system with the plant producing more essence under stress. An essential oil contains the life force of the plant from which it comes. They work in harmony with the body and give a sense of balance and well being. Essential oils are complete in themselves. They contain all of the active ingredients and all of the buffers. One should only use essential oils that are 100% active raw-material from the designated source.

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