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Over 15years of experience in Health & Wellness. We believe in Essentials Over Medicine. Our products & services are customized to your specific wants & needs. You are welcomed to join us on a holistic path toward optimum health by using integrative herbal remedies, nutrition, exercise, naturopathy & physiology.


Fragrance Perfume oil Disclaimer

Our Fragrance Perfume body oils, mist & sprays listed on this website are inspired by designer brands, which are the trademarks of their respective owners. We do not have any associations with them nor are we claiming that the fragrance perfume oils are designed by them. Purchasing a spray of any kind is oil-based- Please Shake well, do not roll or spray any of theses items directly on fabrics any fabrics or surfaces unless otherwise tested or stated.

Price Increase In Progress...

Dear Loyal Guest,

We are writing to let you know that we will be increasing our prices over the next few weeks. The change will be gradual as we have a nice size product selection. We have been working hard to keep our prices low, but due to an increase from our suppliers we've had to increase as well. So, while we are in transition please stock up and enjoy all of your favorite products before the increase takes place. We hope that you understand and continue to do business with us.

Thank you for your loyalty and support.

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It's always good to be consulted on products that you've never tried before. Then, it's another thing to be lead to what you need for your health and wellness. Thank you so much for your continued level of service. Great service with a smile and you might even learn something if you're listening to the Queen. I will be back very soon to pick up my monthly order. Thanks again for all that you do.

Signed Another Satisfied Customer, Curtis M.

I was recently diagnosed with eczema and have been struggling to find a good natural soap and lotion to counteract my problem. Stopped by Scents after being referred by a nice gentleman at the A-1 barber shop. Queen was behind the counter and made me feel welcome right at the beginning. I sat down and explained my situation to her and she gave me 2 products that she thought would benefit my skin condition. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about what she does and if you have a similar issue I would recommend her to anyone. The Whipped Body Butter I received has made a huge difference in my skin texture and outbreaks.

Signed Another Satisfied Customer, Braden C.

We got products for the entire family and we are super excited about trying them. The customer service and knowledge Drea has about every product is awesome. She made the process of selecting the right products easy and painless.. Thank you sooooo much!!

Signed Another Satisfied Customer, Tesia D.

I visited this little shop on hwy 29 in Concord about 8 years ago. It was called Scentsations. Well, to keep a really long relationship convo short, I have not put a spray cologne or parfume on this Queenly skin since I fell in love in 2009. Queen your products are amazing and I am proud to be your customer.

Signed Another Satisfied Customer, Latisha W.

Very respectable and professional massage. Highly recommended.

Signed Another Satisfied Customer, Buddy B.

Love the atmosphere and the various selections. I always find myself smelling everything while there, even if I've already smelt it before! Conversation is always great while making selections. Queen is always helpful with suggestions as well! This is and will be my #1 stop for scents from now on.

Signed Another Satisfied Customer, Dai'Trell I.

The ladies at this spa are awesome! I stopped in just to check it out. When you step through the door the ambiance is immediately relaxing. Queen, who works the fragrance bar is incredibly knowledgeable. After explaining the health benefits of about 20 different oils, butters and soaps(90% of which she makes on site) I went with a few favorites. I will definitely be back.

Signed Another Satisfied Customer, Matthew T.

Awesome products and lovely atmosphere.

Signed Another Satisfied Customer, Brian R.

Stopped by this lovely establishment and was greeted with a smile. Told Queen exactly the smells I normally wear and she was very helpful and I left shiney and smelling great. Shea butter was nicely whipped with the right amount of smell good. I'll definetly go again and purchase more.

Signed Another Satisfied Customer, Sherrill H.

I'm completely satisfied, give the workers in there a raise!!! They are so knowledgeable and good I may add!

Signed Another Satisfied Customer, Greg B.

Hands down the best customer service! Today was my first day shopping with Queen, but it will not be my last. She knows her stuff and I learned a lot about how to take care of my body as a whole. Loving this place and the owners already!!! If you haven't been then you need to cause you are missing out on a great experience that could turn your life around.

Signed Another Satisfied Customer, Shakita E.

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PO BOX 1149

Kannapolis, NC 28082