Premium Essential Yoni Steam Detox

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Let's Talk Womb Health
It's time to get back in alignment!

Our Custom Vaginal steams are very effective treatments and are indicated for many common female complaints.

Also known as Yoni Steams, Bajos, and V Steams are a beautiful way to bring warm steam and heat to the pelvis and to the womb by increasing circulation and energy flow.
The moist heat opens up the pores of the tissues and the botanical infused water vapor delivers the medicinal benefits of the plants, including volatile oils directly to the pelvic tissue.

Vaginal tissue is one of the most absorbent of the entire female body so Yoni steams can be very supportive to women’s health.
We have choosen specific herbs to increase the healing benefits of the steam. The herbs chosen are dependent on the condition being treated.

We usually choose herbs that stimulate circulation to the pelvis, cleanse, tone, nourish or heal the tissues.

Please Answer These Questions: If Your Answer is Yes to Any of the following We can help you find relief and healing!

Do you or someone you may know suffer, need relief, healing or preparations with any of the following:
**Uterine Fibroids?
**Painful Menstruation?
**Irregular Menstrual Cycles?
**Vaginal Odor?
**Ovarian cysts?
**Decreased Sexual Desire?
**Vaginal Dryness?
**Dark blood at the beginning or end of the menstrual cycle?
**Post miscarriage?
**Post DNC?
**Pelvic MuscleTension?
**Pelvic Pain? **Uterine Prolapse? *Dysmenorrhea?
**Conception Preparation?
**Post-Menopause & Menopause?