Aura Cleansing Spray
Aura Cleansing Spray

Aura Cleansing Spray

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Smokeless Alternative To Smudging & Cleansing Negative Energy Within The Space

Imagine Yourself  "cleaning" your aura by  inhaling positive energy & exhaling negative. Your intentions are key when cleansing your aura/energy. Before spraying  set your intentions & choose positive words & affirmations to repeat. Focus on your desired outcome & the things you can control. Take a few deep breaths & move forward with a conscious mind & grateful heart.

For example: "I choose to positively change the energy around me to create warm, loving & healing vibrations within this space."

Some Times To Use:

Whenever your energy vibrational levels feel low. 

As a part of your full moon ritual.

When you've started a new job/project

Before/after having company over

Before/after mediating

After being sick or injured

When you've returned home from a trip

Children afraid of monsters in their rooms

Moving into a new home

Emotional loss from someone leaving/passing away

Negative people have been around you



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